Day 6 – 01 September

Got bus into Istres. Stumbled on a rather fine motor home aire to the east of town. Not touristy but pleasant and unpretentious. Trains the long way round to Marseille (via Martigues) or a bus trip to Miramas for the inter-city service.

Nice views from the church in the old town:


Looking at the road closures and food on the ground, it would seem that Istres has a fairly large market on Tuesday mornings.



Day 4 – 30 August

Big hold-ups south of Lyon slowed progress and messed up any chance of getting to south coast.  Got bored with driving  by Montélimar so looked for a stop.

Found ACSI – Campsite Le Médiéval just over the river.  14 Euros a night, nice place, big pitches by the river to the right past reception.

Last Sunday in August, so staff probably recovering from a busy season and not much in evidence.

Trees have low branches.

Day 3 – 29 August

Getting a bit busy on the autoroute. Doing well over 100kph and getting overtaken by caravans?  Spending night at Tournus which is a very nice place and has a very nice camp site.

This site is now included in the ACSI discount book at 16 Euros.  The Dutch version of the book seems to know this already, the English version does not.


Easy walk to town and heading south on Sunday, Lyon bye bye!

Day 2 – 28 August

Guines to Arcis-sur-Aube.  Needed to drop grey waste, couldn’t be bothered at camp site, just wanted to get on.  Aires at Champagne Sud and Sommesous both have dumps, first by the petrol pumps, second in the lorry area.

Still have nearly half a tank of diesel from blighty.  Heading for Gigny tomorrow via supermarket, then through Lyon on  Sunday and into Provence and who knows where.

In Arcis, the place on the way into the camp site does take-away food.  Never noticed that before.  16 amp electric as well, but where do you buy a bottle of wine?.

Day 1 – 27 August

Left home late, traffic jam on M6 straight away due to cars crashing into one another.  Rest of journey uneventful,  more delays at tunnel, arrived in France around 8:20 pm French time.  Migrants lining the roads out of Calais, police watching on.  First stop Guines, just in time to get food.

Ran out of gas, now on second bottle.